Coding Fundamentls: HMTL&CSS Part 3&4 - Student's perspective

The month had passed and the end of  the crash-course Coding Fundamentals: HTML & CSS, that was held by Coding Girls Plovdiv,  was near.

The last two parts of the course were very dynamic.  The third part of this course happened on the 23rd of November. It was already dark outside but in 3 Hub - the headquarters of Coding Girls Plovdiv, the lights were still up. During this part we tried to train everything we've learned so far and use it on our own. It was a great way to see how much we've learned. Todor Nikolov, who was our mentor, explained everything, whenever we had a question or something with our code wasn't quite right.

The fourth and last part of Coding Fundamentals: HTML & CSS was held on 30th of November. The nights were growing colder, but that couldn't stop us from coming to 3 Hub and giving our best to learn more and the world of coding and how to create a  website.

This time we covered a lot of new things and details that might come in handy later on. For example Todor showed us that not every browser understand Cyrillic script, so it would be better if we add the tag <meta charset="utf-8"> after the title tag to ensure that the information we put in, will be understood by all browsers.

Then we used the different types of display that are used in the css file - display:inline; display: block; and display: inline-block. We tried each one of them and tried to figure out which one would be best suited for our website.

Afterwards our mission was to replicate a website page - mostly the different header with buttons and the website title. We inserted a logo image, then we added the different link names for the buttons - Home, Gallery, Blog, About us, Contact us. Besides the usual main.css file, this time we added a reset.css, the purpose of which was to reset all the default settings of the web browser. On the main.css file we shaped the design of our page -  font-size, background-color, padding, etc. Then we worked on the navigation tag, which represented the whole menu with website pages. We played around with the different ways to transform and arrange the text, in order to see what would work best for our needs.

Before we finished the Coding Fundamentals: HTML& CSS Part 4 Todor ensured us, that we can always ask if we need help with a project or if something is not quite clear from the learned material. With the help of Maria Vladimirova and Anna Radulovski he showed us some of the most important and essential parts of the HTML and CSS, therefore creating a good base for future improvement and knowledge.

 I am extremely thankful to the whole team from 3 Hub - always giving more opportunities for people to explore this world of computer technology. I can't wait for the next courses and lectures that they've prepared for the future. So keep exploring, don't settle down only for the familiar things and perhaps in between all the different things you try, you'll learn more about yourself too.